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Administrative Units


  1. Unit of International Relations Office (Erasmus, Mevlana, Farabi Exchange Programs),
  2. To do the necessary translations in office works, to make the agreements suitable,
  3. To inform supervisors about office work,
  4. To participate in orientation, course, training, meeting, etc., related to the office.
  5. To ensure that the services carried out in the unit are provided effectively, efficiently, and quickly,
  6. To ensure that the Erasmus, Mevlana, and Farabi Exchange Programs (Protocol) agreements of the University are executed efficiently and to provide the selection of academic staff and personnel in accordance with the decisions of Ankara Bilim University and the Applications of Exchange Programs accordingly, to coordinate the execution of the administrative and educational processes of the selected students without interruption,
  7. To ensure the coordination of incoming students and staff (academic and administrative) with the relevant units in our University and to host them well, follow up on their administrative affairs,
  8. To ensure the International Relations Office works in coordination with the units within the University and other external official institutions (National Agency, Higher Education Board),
  9. To prepare promotional materials introducing Erasmus, Mevlana, and Farabi programs within the University, execute correspondence with the relevant universities, make and update the agreements,
  10. To work in communication with the relevant faculties and department coordinators, the Registrar's Office, and the Rectorate's units,
  11. To provide working in cooperation and coordination with university units and other official institutions when necessary,
  12. To coordinate the external relations of the University, other than the Erasmus Exchange Program,
  13. To coordinate the agreements and foreign relations arising from any local and foreign exchange programs and cooperation protocols, and to coordinate student and faculty member exchange processes,
  14. To prepare statistical information and annual activity reports on the yearly performance program of the unit and to inform the relevant authorities thereof,
  15. To follow and prepare the reports, contracts, and all required documents requested by the National Agency, the European Commission, and the Council of Higher Education, and to ensure the documents and reports are signed and followed by the necessary authorities,
  16. To prepare and submit a report to be presented when requested by the Higher Education Institution,
  17. To represent the International Relations unit of our University in meetings and fairs when necessary,
  18. To ensure the international relations office works in coordination with other international units and institutions on behalf of our University,
  19. To control and coordinate that the personnel work in the office in harmony and follow their work without interruption,
  20. To inform the incoming students and staff about the program contents and the roadmap and procedures to be followed for participation in exchange programs,
  21. To do other works and processes given by the top manager(s) related to office processes,
  22. To be responsible for all works and processes towards the International Relations Coordinator, the Secretary-General, the Vice-Rector, and the Rector.
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