Metin Dokuma Atölyesi / Text Weaving Atelier

Metin Dokuma Atölyesi / Text Weaving Atelier

29 Nov 2021 / Monday

Before the Words

“Before the Words” stands a doorkeeper.
Do you want to come in?

After you have waited all these years:

“Nobody is allowed to come in because this door has been kept for you. Now, I go and close it down…”

The doorkeeper could have said.


Hear the call: “Just because I am the storyteller does not mean that I think differently!”

Through the door that has been kept for you with the magic word, come in at once…

Offering a creative writing programme that will be led by the Rector of Ankara Science University Prof. Yavuz DEMIR, this workshop gives you the opportunity.

About the Workshop

Each workshop is limited for 6 participants.

Students who want to participate in the working group should send a letter of intention to explaining why they want to be included .

Programme Content

The aim of Writing Games is to turn you into “pen-riors” in an effective and quick manner. This programme, based on the development of writing skills, consists of two pillars:

1. Creative writing/ fiction writing skills and practices,

2. Non-fiction writing skills and practices.

Independent writings and writings of certain topics.
Writings that revolve around imagination,
Objective narrations…
How do you put two words together?
How can I find an idea?
Can I write if I close my eyes?
Where is the punch line?

Programme duration: 4 weeks